Simple Tips To Negotiate A Raise & Latina Equal Pay With Athena Valentine Lent

Simple Tips To Negotiate A Raise & Latina Equal Pay With Athena Valentine Lent

Athena Valentine Lent was combating the great battle to carry financial training to individuals of colors. Then when Athena had been a freshman in high school, the girl mother died. Instantly, she turned into a homeless child on a rocky route. Happily, one person impressed Athena to attend college, become an education, and switch the woman lives about. Today, Athena's work as a program manager for a nonprofit enables the lady to simply help encourage the importance of degree, income negotiations, and work-related potential for college students throughout the county of Arizona, specifically those in low-income communities. In this episode, Athena companies simple tips to negotiate a raise as well as how increasing your salary is an effective option to establish riches.

Co managed by Acquania Escarne, the number associated with the Purpose of Money. And Danielle Desir, the host of believe credit, Millennial riches creator show is when we share the reports of females of colors, design money.

They fell the Valentina to Valentine when she was in the army

In my opinion a chance that are brown has generated personally, was planning to class and obtaining different certificates and obtaining my personal amount. As I would class for unlawful justice and criminology there, despite the reality I reside in an extremely populated Latino neighborhood, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. There clearly was few people like going Latinas inside our criminal justice tuition. And so should you decide review to organized racism, therefore look back to any or all these strategies and procedures that are set up, law enforcement officials usually actually like a very friendly brown job. And because I found myself brown, also because I was a woman, I was type Really don't desire to say like a unicorn. But I sorts of had been, I'd an instructor who had been a surgeon, or he had been a commander over at Phoenix metro.

In which he mentioned, "I could produce a job the next day, if you wish to end up being a cop. I really couldn't do that. I really got supplied some fellowships, Fulbright scholarships, several I form of regret perhaps not having. But once more, I think every thing happens for a reason. And I have some health problems I needed to cope with. Therefore it was just about it was good it failed to work-out. But that has been the opportunity that I becamen't fundamentally planning bring basically wasn't a Latina. And sometimes-I mean, i did so have increased GPA, but at exactly the same time, i am kind of like, performed they offer to travel myself around and provide myself all this work items? Because I Happened To Be brown? Yeah, cuz needed brown folks in greater ed.

The girl household failed to understand a lot about money, budgeting, or bank account

Used to do have an I do bring an obstacle in addition to barrier is actually my title. And it's really I really don't talk Spanish. So those are two challenges that I cope with continuously, being Brown. So I have a rather Caucasian sounding label, it's Athena Valentine Lent. My personal mother ended up being Penny Valentine. And so she mentioned it seemed most expert. Whilst a result, We have Athena Valentine, and my personal last name's Lent. So I goes and I also'll placed my personal term on group meetings or all that you discover, I'll has telephone calls, I'll would various things. And I also'll appear having a specialist fulfilling and have baffled.

They are like, "In Which's Athena? Are you fancy, Hi, i am interviewing a Ms. Lent. As you're brown? You are brown woman. We're here to generally meet with an Athena Lent. Oh, it's your the real deal? Oh, okay. Additionally, there is the microaggressions of "just how'd you will get the identity? But i really do have to, you are aware, quit all of them and stay love, "Hey, you aren't likely to query people who. Like, that's truly strange for a Latina become called Athena. Exactly how'd you will get your identity Lent? Um, to make certain that's, that's a payday loans bad credit Lakewood really strange microaggression. Immediately after which the other challenges, I don't speak Spanish. And so I posses style of a love dislike thing happening with it. My granny migrated from Spain, and my grandpa is Native United states. And he grew up on a reservation and must assimilate.