Bluff The Listener. Our panelists read three tales about blind times, just one of which can be real

Bluff The Listener. Our panelists read three tales about blind times, just one of which can be real

BILL KURTIS: From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, that is WAIT WAIT . DON'T LET ME KNOW, the NPR news test. I Am Bill Kurtis. We are playing this week with Eugene Cordero, Peter Grosz and Maeve Higgins. And right right here once again is the host, reminding CNN he is available should they unexpectedly end up by having an opening for whatever reason.


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MARSHALL HONAKER: Hi, this is certainly Marshall Honaker from Dallas, Texas.

SAGAL: Hey, Marshall. just exactly just How are things in Dallas?

HONAKER: You understand, thus far, so great. That being said, everything's going pretty much.

SAGAL: Yeah, that is, i do believe, the right point of view to have. Where do you turn here?

HONAKER: therefore, often, i might be completing my master's degree down in College facility. However with the pandemic, the college made a decision to go most of the classes online.

SAGAL: So That You're an Aggie?

HONAKER: (Laughter) That Is Right. I will be an Aggie.

SAGAL: I'm not sure much about Texas A&M besides that you are called Aggies. Does Texas A&M have actually, like, a reputation? Can it be, like, celebration college? Or just just exactly just what.

HONAKER: You understand, this is certainly a question that is fantastic.

HONAKER: I'm Not Sure. It is a small bit hard|bit that is little} to place into terms.

SAGAL: So a track record of articulateness, clearly.

SAGAL: Well, Marshall, it is great to possess us. You will have fun with the game in that you simply must make an effort to inform truth from fiction. Bill, what's Marshall's subject?

KURTIS: Blind Date Bombshell.

SAGAL: Blind times are saturated in shocks. Possibly he really loves quoting "Family man." Perhaps they love quoting QAnon. Possibly it's your lady whom additionally likes pina coladas. This week, we learned about a genuine blind date shocker. Our panelists are likely to let you know about it. Select the a person who's telling , you winnings our reward - the right to never ever carry on a date that is blind. Willing to play?

HONAKER: I'm prepared .

SAGAL: All right. First up, let us hear from Peter Grosz.

PETER GROSZ: Blind dates raise a lot of concerns. Can I be appropriate for this person that is strange? Will we see them appealing? Will alone? Will they be planning to bring three vanloads of men and women? A person in Zhejiang province in Asia this week ended up being surprised as he wandered right into a restaurant their blind date and saw that the lady had been rolling having a solid squad. sibling, not really a tiny selection of besties, no. She brought 23 of her loved ones. Going Dutch occurs when you separate the bill. And, evidently, going Chinese is once you bring 4 1/2 baseball groups' worth of members of the family. The man agreed to pay, assuming that the evening would be a romantic dinner for two and not a test of her potential mate's generosity before the date. is sensible. Just just What better method a person's goodwill than by bringing a cast . 5 of "Hamilton" to supper?

GROSZ: the person reacted the means most of us would by making the restaurant prior to the check arrived. Who could blame him after her family relations racked up a bill that stumbled on 19,800 yuan, which, at about 6.6 yuan into the buck, is practically $3,000. The girl consented to buy her family members' meals and stated she discovered her course, promising that on her behalf date that is next'll just bring 22 individuals.

SAGAL: From Peter Grosz, hey, it's 23 and , stated on a date that is blind Asia. Your next tale astonishing blind date comes from Eugene Cordero.

EUGENE CORDERO: Tina De La Cruz of Auburn Hills, Mich., turned up on her behalf date that is blind last afternoon and quickly understood that she while the fella had much more in accordance. They certainly were both high. They both wore Nikes. And there have been in both a motor vehicle accident earlier that day. More especially, these people were in the car that is same - more especially, the accident which he had caused and fled from after offering her fake information. You truly must be Ted, she stated, maybe not Bob Boberson, which I was told by you you were early in the day. And allow me to imagine, that you don't live at 123 Boberson Street in Bobtown, Bobbissippi. He confessed, and so they invested all of those other date consuming supper and trading insurance coverage information. n't the most common very first date embarrassing silences, he stated, you know, suing me because she had a lot to say about. There will not really 2nd date anyhow but not really following this, she stated. we suppose i am going to again see him in court.